Is that a wood burning stove?

Sure is! And it’s one of our favorite things in the bus. We chose it for its durability, dry heat, sometimes free fuel, and the ambiance it creates. The stove we have is the Dwarf 5kW from Tiny Wood Stove.

Do you homeschool the kids?

Educating our kids is something we do all day long. With new experiences in National Parks where we learn about geology then see it in real life on a hike, to math work while learning to cook and double a recipe (we eat a lot), we educate our kids in many different ways.

Do you have a house?

Yes. Didn’t you see it in the photos? It is a 3 bed(room), 1 bath, 40 footer, has 6 wheels, a rear engine, and lots of closet and basement space.

Really. This bus is our home. We did however own a sticks and bricks home for 4 years that we sold when we left. While we recognize that owning property can be an investment, we felt weighed down by the debt and the burden of upkeep.

Where do you poop?

We have a composting toilet by Nature’s Head in our bus and no, it doesn’t smell (most of the time). How? The solids and liquids are separated, the liquids are emptied every 2 days and the solids are mixed with peat moss and have to be emptied about every 10 days. Many people can go longer without emptying but with a family of 4 we “go” a lot.

Did you do it all yourselves?

Yes. We didn’t know much about what we were doing ahead of time but Adam had experience in various jobs that involve metal, wood, plumbing, electricity, and concrete and he felt that with the help of YouTube University he could learn all he needed. We had input on our electrical layout from Luke at Skoolie.com which was invaluable and since hitting the road, bartered some sandals for our awesome shoe cubby with a nomad handyman named Chad.

Do you stay at RV parks?

No. Many don’t allow bus conversions in and we like to stay free on public lands anyways. We built our bus for boondocking and are much more comfortable in a wilderness setting.

How do you make money?

Adam’s Deliberate Life Designs sandal business accounts for some of our income, Elizabeth works remotely in customer service part time, and we both pick up occasional contract jobs here and there. We do have some affiliate links on here but we are so new to it, we have no idea if that will turn into anything. If you want to support us, you can buy our stickers, order a pair of custom sandals, or buy us a beer. Thanks!

Any other questions?

Check out our blog for our thoughts on anything from family adventure to minimalist footwear to our bus conversion and what we spent to do it. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.