Our Favorite Things

Like Oprah. We have favorite things too, but you won’t find the underneath your chair. If you are looking for a list of all the things we purchased for our bus conversion, you can find it here in a blog post. This area is for those things that really bring us joy and can also be purchased!

Some of the links are affiliate links and we earn a small percentage if you make a purchase. If we’ve been helpful, feel free to buy through the link. We appreciate the support!


Tiny Wood Stove

SALE! 25% off stoves!

This tiny wood burning stove heats our bus up even in temperatures down to the single digits (as cold as we’ve taken the bus). We are in love with its functionality and aesthetics. Check them out at Tiny Wood Stove.


Berkey Water Filter

Our Berkey Water Filter has been with us longer than we’ve been in the bus. We started using it a few years ago because of how frequently chemicals and other contaminants are found in city drinking water. We use it to filter all of our drinking and cooking water and don’t have to worry about sketchy water sources on the road.


Beddy’s Bedding

The girls’ beds are a double whammy of difficult to make beds: Bunk beds and non-standard mattress size. Our Beddy’s has made changing the sheets way less difficult for me and making the beds possible for the girls. They are pricey, but worth it.