Cleaning Your Sandals

Cleaning Your Sandals

Included with your new sandals is a cleaning brush.

Soak the sandals in warm soapy water long enough to get the dirt in the webbing and foot bed saturated. You can use pretty much any soap you have on hand. Using the included brush (or any other stiff bristled brush), scrub the footbed to get all the dirt and old skin off (eww!). You can scrub the straps in the same way. I don’t recommend washing your sandals in the washing machine.

Leave to air dry out of the sun. I don’t recommend putting your sandals in the dryer because the heat might melt the glue.

Do not store your sandals in places that get really hot like inside a car or in direct sunlight in the summertime. Like with any shoe, this can cause the glue to melt and breakdown prematurely.

Elizabeth Paashaus