Road Sole/Dyneema Webbing

Road Sole/Dyneema Webbing


This is our lightest, most minimal sandal. It is constructed of a Vibram Pyramid rubber sole and a 2mm Vibram non-slip footbed (total thickness of 9mm) and uses retired dyneema climbing slings as strapping.

You’ll select your color slings from the photos. Some colors can be made into matching sets and some you can mix and match.

You’ll also select the color of your sole: Black, Dark Brown, or Tan.

After placing your order please complete your foot tracing using the instructions below then contact us for a mailing address and timeframe. Being nomadic means we move around a lot so our address changes every week or two.

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Foot Tracing

Our sandals don’t come in sizes. They are customer cut from a tracing of each of your feet. Narrow, wide, flat, bunions, two different sizes? Our sandals are the shape of your feet. You will NEED to send us a tracing of each foot before we can begin production.

It helps to have a partner to do your foot tracing. Stand with weighted feet, in a natural position, on a piece of heavy paper like cardstock. With a pencil/pen straight up and down, trace around your feet. Take the pencil and again, with it straight up and down, make a dot (big enough that we can see it) between your big toe and second toe, up against the skin that divides them.

Please label each tracing with the full name that you placed your order under.

Because we move around, our address changes. We will contact you when you place your order to give you an address and timeframe for mailing the tracings.

When will I get my sandals?

We are a family who lives, works, learns, and travels in a school bus. This is a very small company and we are committed to making you a pair of sandals that you absolutely love! All sandals are custom made by hand right outside our bus in any number of beautiful public lands we park on. We have a production run once every 2 weeks. To keep you in the loop, we will email you when we have received your foot tracings, send you a photo when your sandals are finished, and have the sandals shipped out within 3 days of finishing them. Thanks for supporting our business!