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Magic Chef 10.1 cu. ft. refrigerator - $300 - Home Depot Black Friday Special but they are pretty cheap on Amazon too

GE Stainless Steel 24” Gas Range - $800ish - Lowe’s

Big Berkey Water Filter - $278 - we had been using the berkey for all of our cooking and drinking water for a few years before bus life and feel so much better about all water sources -

Magnetic Knife Block - $20ish - somewhere on the internet

IKEA stainless steel rails - $10 probably, we had these a long time before the bus - IKEA

Excel Tankless LPG Gas Water Heater - $189 - Amazon

Everything else in the kitchen we have had for years. Below are some of my favorite kitchen items but unrelated to what we spent on the bus.

Kitchen Aid Classic stand mixer
Lodge Cast Iron Pans 10”, 8”
Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Lodge Cast Iron Pancake Griddle
(yes, that is a lot of heavy cast iron in a home on wheels but I LOVE cooking on cast iron. They bus can handle it, ha,ha!)
Chain Mail Scrubber for cast iron - this was a gift from a friend and one of our favorite additions to cast iron life!
Cuisinart Food Processor
Metal Bowls - the cheap kind, they are the best!
Sauce Pans (2) - these were my moms and she upgraded
Pyrex Glass casserole dishes 2qt., 3qt.
Metal Bread Pans (2)

Elizabeth Paashaus