Solar & Electrical

Some of the links below are affiliate links and we earn a small percentage if you make a purchase. Don’t feel like you have to buy through the links but if ya feel like it, we appreciate the support!

6 Trina Solar 250 W Solar Panels - $800ish - ebay

AIMS 4000 W 24v Inverter Charger - $1000 - amazon

8 VMAX 155 ah 12v Batteries - $2100 - amazon

MidNite Solar Classic 150 SL MPPT Solar Charge Controller - $580 - amazon

2 Blue Sea Systems 5031 ST Blade Fuse Block - $45 each - amazon

AIMS Power Remote Switch with LCD Monitoring Screen - $138 - amazon

Midnite Solar Photovoltaic Combiner - $94 - amazon

Pyle 24V DC to 12V DC Power Step Down 720 Watt Converter with PMW Technology - $37 - amazon

A lot of wires and connections were also involved here and a pretty big expense but we didn’t document ones we bought that worked vs. the ones that weren’t right and we took a loss on. Our Amazon account history is full of little bits of electrical stuff. Those parts are also specific to each person’s set up (like wire sizes) so we didn’t feel like it would be that helpful to share with y’all.

Elizabeth Paashaus